#8 The X100 family

The one camera that started my present Fuji – and later also Leica –  passion was the Fujifilm X100. The original X100 back in 2011, that is…


The original X100 – which I still own – was beautiful in it’s simplicity. It was a totally new concept, gave great pictures and  was an incredible joy to shoot with. Yes – it was not the fastest camera – but it was at the same time not a camera made for sports.

The X100 has been made in four versions – X100, X100S (second), X100T (third) and X100F (fourth).

I have owned both the X100T and X100F as well (I never had the S- version), but the original X100 still feels special. There is something about the build and the pictures that none of the others can give me. I still take it with me on my photo trips. Below some handheld pictures from a trip to Italy in 2016.

It is in the streets the X100 shines. Small, discret and fun. Even though the original version is 8 years old it still preform just fine. Today I carry a X100T in my bag every day – it is my favourite version of the X100.


Another X100 picture – this one shot with the X100T.

Some may wonder why one should use a camera with a fixed 35mm (23/f2 Aps-C equals 35mm on a full format) instead of an iPhone camera. Well – my answer to that is that it not always is a given answer. If you just want to preserve a moment – the iPhone is more than enough. But if you want to create a photo and have fun doing it – you should use the X100.

Fact: a used original X100 can be found for 300 USD on eBay.


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