#9 City Animals



Sometimes I just feel like taking a photo walk in my home town – but as I walk I can’t find anything to shoot. It’s like I have seen everything and also have taken photos of everything worth shooting. When I feel like that, I try to see new things. Today I happened do see a donkey on a playground, that I had not seen before. Klick!  Not a good photo in any way. I just got to take out my camera and shoot. And for me that was enough…


I used my M240 with a Zeiss Planar 50/2 today. It is always fun to shoot with – even if I can’t find a good picture or if it is a rainy day, like today. I love using the short depth of field to isolate my subjects. That’s whats photography is about for me…just doing what I feel like. To have fun. It dosn’t have to have a deeper mening, or to be perfect. Even if it is a donkey or a deer a rainy day…


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