#17 Learning the Leica Q – part one



Had the day off and took the opportunity to try out the Leica Q. The weather in Linköping is great – to be in the middle of March. Sunny and about 5 degrees celsius. Shot the pictures with the lens wide open – the camera has an electronic shutter, so this is possible even on a sunny day, without a ND-filter.


I read about a ”thing” with the Q, that I never imagined would happen to me: if one happens to turn the power switch to ”C” (continous), the camera can take ten pictures without any notice. Aspecially if the electronic shutter is used – beacuse it doesn’t make a sound (the camera is very quiet even with the mechanical shutter). Well – it could happen to me…


I got five pictures on a tree in the park, and five pictures on a small house – and I didn’t notice it as I shot it. It is not a big problem if one doesn’t shoot raw and happen to fill the memory buffer. That locks the camera for a little while, until all the pictures are saved. I had set the ”C” drive to the slowest in the settings, to avoid large bursts if it would happen – which I never thought it would. You learn something new every day…


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