#21 Shooting B&W with the Leica Q

I love shooting black and white with my M240. It gives me a sense of shooting with an old film camera – the way I think a black and white photo should look like. I had hoped the Q should give me the same result, but up until now I did not really like the results i got – straight out of the camera that is…

Now I found a simple setting that got me closer to the result I wanted. I simply raised the contrast to high in the jpg-settings. Why didn’t you think of that, you may ask. Well I did – but I tried this on my Fujifilm cameras – and did not like it. As it turns out, Leica is another matter.

The contrast can be fixed in Lightroom afterwards of course, but want the result out of the camera to be as close to my desired result as possible. I also prefer to shoot jpg:s – even though all ”real photographers” claim that you can not shoot anything but RAW.

The results I get from my cameras, using jpg, is enough for me. I agree that RAW files are better för the processing afterwards – but as I like to put as little time as possible behind my computer – the camera has to do the work for me. And the Q does it fine.


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