#26 Sport with Fuji X

I have become a part time sport photographer. The winter is spent watching my daughters floor ball games and in the summer it is time for my sons football. For this task I use my Fujifilm X-T2 with various lenses.

I started shooting my kids sports with my Nikon cameras about ten years ago. In 2012 I started to use Fujifilm cameras – first the X100 and then, in 2013, the X-Pro1. In the early Fuji-X-days it was almost impossible to shoot sports with a Fuji X. The Fuji system didn’t offer the lenses I wanted – and lets face it; the cameras were too slow, and they were not intended for sport photography.

As the X-Pro2 was announced I had grown tired in having both a Nikon and a Fuji system. I bought the X-Pro2 as soon as it was released and I also sold my Nikon system. I wasn’t sure the X-Pro2 was going to work with sport photography, but as I am not a professional photographer I could take the risk. The Fuji 55-200 was my football lens, and the 56/f1,2 became my floorball lens.

The X-Pro2 is not the typical sports camera – it is no doubt supposed to be a street photography camera – but it worked just fine for me. It was fast enough and also gave me good low light performance when I needed it. It only lacked one thing; good video. By this time I had started shooting Leica M parallell to the X-Pro2. As I understood what a real rangefinder was – I could just as well buy a X-T2. The rangefinder-style X-Pro2 was nothing like a real rangefinder.

I sold the X-Pro2 and bought a slightly used X-T2. This camera was perfect for my needs for shooting sports. The Leica M was for a totally different kind of photography. My intention was to learn video as well, but I have not had the time to get really in to it yet. But using the X-T2 for sport photography has been great. I have added a small handgrip  to the camera to improve the grip. Especially as I use the 55-200 it is nice to have a steady grip.

I now use the small Fuji 50/2 for floor ball – I liked the 56/1,2 more – but the smaller 50/2 is lighter and smaller and is good enough. I use the X-T2 with ISO up to 3200 when I can get close to the subjects. If I have to crop the pictures I usually not go above 1600. I know that newer cameras have much better ISO performance, but as I said – I am not a pro, so this is good enough.

I have thought about getting a Fujinon XF50-140/2,8 lens – I think this would be the perfect lens for me for all sports.    As for now I have decided to stay with my present lenses, but who knows what the future holds…


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