#27 A Leica Q Walk


I am learning to shoot with the Leica Q. Or perhaps I should say, learning the camera and how to get the pictures I want with it. I found that this is a fantastic camera to use. Today I took it for a walk in Linköping.


I would compare the camera to the Fujifilm X100, that I have written abot on this blog before. I love the X100 (I have owned the X100, X100T and X100F) and for me it’s a tie between the two cameras in many ways. The picture quality is great on both cameras, they look great and they are a joy to use.


The Fuji X100 is smaller and more invisible, but the Leica wins on it’s build quality and the most important thing; the Leica spirit. If you tried a Leica for a day (depending on what kind of a photographer you are) you start to feel the spirit of the camera. After that it is hard to forget it.


I started my Leica adventure with the Leica M in some different versions. They all are very basic cameras with manual focus. The M is still my favourite camera of all times – but the Leica Q is like a modern M. You can still shoot as basic as with a M, but if you like it can be fully automatic.


Todays pictures are, as mentioned above, from a cloudy Linköping. A small flea market was building up as I passed it. A good place to find nice pictures…



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