#29 The Medieval Week


Every summer – in the beginning of august – is the Medieval Week in Visby held. I have heard about it for years, but in 2017 I finally had the opportunity to visit Visby during this week. I did so with my family – and my Leica. It felt right to shoot in black and white…


Visby is not a very big town, and I always imagined that it would be crowded with people in the Medieval Week – but that was not the case at our visit in 2017. It was a nice mix of people, some dressed in medieval and some in modern clothing. The medieval ones was of course most fun to take pictures of. Sometimes the mix could be just as fun.


I used my two Zeiss lenses with my M240. The 35/f2.8 was on the camera 80% of the time. I think 35mm is the perfect focal length for this kind of photography. The 50/f2 was used mostly for taking pictures when I wanted to isolate a subject with short depth of field.


The city of Visby is a great place for photography any time of the year. I made a short video from a walk around the city from another trip. You can find it here.


A fun thing in the modern medieval is the mix between old and new. The mobile phone is a not so medieval like accessory.


The photograper and his kind of Medieval Leica.

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  1. Some excellent photos! I do like these sort of events – it always amazes me the level of detail and knowledge these people have.


    1. Wilhelmssonography says:

      Thank you Stuart 😊. I agree with you. They are really devoted…

      Liked by 1 person


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