#33 Ways to inspiration

Vienna, Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2.8

How do you find the inspiration to go out and take photos? Why do you choose to take this or that shot? For me an important factor is inspiration. I find it in many ways. Some ideas just grow in my mind, some pop up as I read a book and some come from watching a clip on youtube. 

Leica M9 and Zeiss 35/2.8

Internet can be a fantastic place to find inspiration. You can say what you want – but som camera manufacturors know what they are doing. Here are some clips that has inspired me to go out and shoot…

Exploring Porto with the Leica M-D

A life with Leica

Point, Click ShootTokyo

Leica M9, Zeiss 35/2.8

I also think that your gear in some extent can inspire you to make pictures. If you like your camera it is more likley that you will use it. If you find a camera that speak to you – the way to inspiration can be shorter. I have found that rangefinders tell me to go out and shoot. What is your way to find inspiration?


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