#35 Why not the mobile phone


Why should we use cameras and not our mobile phones instead? Well – I think a mobile phone is a great way to document life as it goes by. You always have it in your pocket and can grab it to save the moment. But when it comes to creating a picture on a more “artistic” level – a camera is always better. At least according to me…

No Crop

There is always the obvious thing – picture quality. At first glance the mobile picture can give you a very good picture. It is when you start to zoom in the picture or try and fix things, that you see the difference. I did a very simple test with three cameras and one phone; Leica M240, Leica Q, Fujifilm X100 (original version) and a iPhone 8. The M240 and the X100 have 35mm lenses and the Q and the iPhone have 28mm lenses. Here you see that the iPhone picture is perhaps the one you would prefer. At least for a memory in your family album. I should say that I have done no changes to the pictures – they are straight out of camera (jpg in the cameras).

Cropped pictures (the same as above)

When I do a crop in the picture it is clear that the iPhone can’t stand up to the real cameras. I think that the iPhone process the picture more than the cameras, to make it look as good as possible. If I had done the same processing to the camera pictures the result may be different. But – as I said – this is a very simple test.

The most important thing to me is that I feel more inspired to shoot with my cameras. It is more fun. It’s like why you should sail a boat when you can go faster with an engine? I use both phone and camera to shoot pictures – but I choose the right tool for the right moment…


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