#48 The Faroe Islands Part 4

The road to Torshavn (from Gásadalur) – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

In post #47 I wrote about the small villages at the end of the road. Now it is time for the slightly larger villages – or perhaps Towns is the proper word. Torshavn is the biggest town on the islands and also the capital. After you land at the airport on Vágar, it is a 45 minute drive to Torshavn, at  the southern part of the island Streymoy. That is if you manage to drive all the way, without stopping to enjoy the magnificant landscape. When you drive between Vágar and Streymoy you have to pass a tunnel under the water between the two islands. The road toll (return) is 100 Dkr – about 13 Eur and can be paid at gas stations. If you rent a car, chanses are high that the car has a subscription – and the payment is made through the rental agreement. It can be a good thing to check that before you pay at a gas station.

Torshavn – Fujifilm X-T2 and 10-24 zoom

If you arrive to Torshavn via the main road you will not get the same spectacular view of the city as you get when you drive the old road over the mountains. The old road climb the hills on the eastern part of the town and when you reach the top I advise you to stop and just enjoy the view. Why not take some pictures? The harbour is the main interest in the town. Fishing boats, container ships and passenger ships comes and goes. If you look a little to the left, the football stadium dominate the skyline. The houses are small and low – no skyscrapers here.

Torshavn – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

I recomend a walk around the harbour to check out the old blocks around the church. Why not grab a bit to eat or have a cup of coffee as you pass by. The town centre is rather small and you can cover most of it in an hour or two if you walk. There should be a fish market somewhere – but we didn’t find it. Too bad – I can imagine that it would be an interesting place to visit. Maybe next time…

Klaksvik – Fujifilm X-T2 and 18-55 zoom

If you continue another hour eastbound – you reach the second largest town in the Faroes; Klaksvik. Klaksvik is situated on another island – Bordoy – and you have to pass another long tunnel under the water – and pay another 100 Dkr. Klaksvik seem to be the capital of fishing in the Faroes. The harbour is full of different fishing boats (I suppose that some must have been to see as well…). We were going to take a small hike to the top of a nearby hill, but again the weather made us stop as we got into the clouds. However – we got a nice view over Klaksvik.


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