#51 Why I want to go back, and why not

The Faroe Islands is a wonderful place – I loved it. Would I like to go back? Yes – and no. Let me explain…

Fujifilm X-T2 and 18-55 zoom

It is always a special feeling, as you visit a place for the first time. All the first impressions. Was it as you had imagined? Exploring places for the first time. The great thing about traveling. As you get home you think; WOW – i must do it again. Let’s go back again. And when you do, it is not at all the same. Shall I take the same pictures once more? Shall we drive the same roads? In the Faroes that is, by the way, a real question because there are not that many roads. The magic may be gone and it could be a disappointment in the end.

Fujifilm X-T2 and 10-24 zoom

Why would I like to go back, then? Well – I would love to go back and be able to see the islands with a less clouds and more blue sky. I would like to go on the beautiful hikes that the weather prevented us from doing this time. I would like to walk around the calm, small villages again and listen to the water as it splashes to the cliffs. To feel the wind in my hair (well…in my head at least) and feel the power of nature. That is what I would like.

But – what if the weather is bad? What should we do then? The same as last time? There is a rather large risk that we would encounter clouds and rain again. What if there is much more tourists in the villages? Would I feel the same way then? What if the wind wasn’t blowing at all (well I could live with that, in fact). But I would probably want to go back anyway.

Fujifilm X-T2 and 18-55 zoom

Here is the thing; I read that the people in the Faroe Islands are afraid that increased tourism can destroy the nature – and that is probably true. This is a real reason why I would consider not going back. I have been there once – and maybe this must be enough. If the islands can remain this beautiful one hour longer, due to the fact that I only visit them once, then it is worth it. We had some of the most fantastic days of our life there, and I hope more people can. Once.


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