#52 Like the past in the future

Helsingborg – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

I was born in the Swedish city of Helsingborg in the 1970:s. I moved to Linköping – 350 km north – in 1997, but I have always returned a couple of times each year. There is something special about the place that you grew up in. It somehow stays in your heart – even if you love where you live today.

Telegrafen – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

Citys change over time and Helsingborg is no exeption. A lot has happened since I left back in 97. I am not convinced that everything has been for the better – but much has. Still some things stay the same. The pictures in this post is from a short walk this evening in my old home town. I tried to find the things that haven’t changed . It almost felt like going back in time. A lot of memories come back as you start to see things the way they were.  I think it is nice to walk down memory lane now and then. Sometimes by my self and somtimes with a fiend or relative.

Fahlmans Café – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

I used my M to shoot – the camera that make photography stay the same. The thing about the M is that I get almost the same feeling. Its like walking down memory lane with a camera. I use the Leica M almost in the same way that I used my film cameras back in the days. I think this is one of the main reasons I love Leica. It’s like living like the past in the future…

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  1. Andy says:

    I agree-roots are important.

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