#59 Paris – from the X-Pro2

The Metro station

As I looked through the more than 300 X-Pro2 pictures that I kept from the trip to Paris, I realized that there were not many that I would say were good pictures. The technical quality was of course good in most of them – the X-Pro2 is a great camera – but the compositions of the pictures were terrible.

The Wall

The pictures are pictures from a tourist. Pictures I often could have taken with my phone instead. As I compare it to the M6 pictures, I see a big difference. The conclusion is that it is too easy to snap a picture with a digital camera – at least for me. I find that I am so trigger happy, that I don’t think about what I do.

The Restaurant

As I travel with my digital Fuji cameras I often focus on documenting what we do, instead of making pictures. There is a difference in the two. With the M6 I was making pictures. That doesn’t mean that documenting what we do is wrong. It just isn’t the same thing as really making a picture.

The Stairs

The X-Pro 2 takes beautiful pictures – when I use it to really make pictures. That happens. I estimate that perhaps 2 out of 10 pictures from Paris were pictures that I shot just for the purpose of making a picture. This is of course not the cameras fault. It’s just the way my head works.


This is why I like to shoot with the digital Leicas. The rangefinder reminds me to make a picture instead of document what I do. When I travel with my Leicas only, I often use the phone to document what i do instead of the camera. As in the picture below. Here I was in a short moment of making pictures with the X-Pro2.

It would be interesting to hear what you think about this. Is it only me – or is it a common thing in the digital era?


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