#60 Make Pictures


Madrid – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

In my last two posts I wrote about a trip to Paris with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and a Leica M6. As I compared the results from the two cameras it struck me how different I used them. The X-Pro2 was a camera for documenting what we did on our journey, while with the M6 I was actually making pictures. Since I wrote it I have given it much more thought. This was something I had not expected, as I came up with the idea for the two posts, but never the less I think it is accurate. It has led me to slow down my photography even more. I am no longer convinced (not sure I ever was…) that shooting more pictures makes you a better photographer. I belive the thought I put in each picture is more important. This way of thinking took me back to the analogue cameras again. I am now a proud owner of a beautiful Leica M4 from 1968. I am learning to use the ”Sunny 16-rule” for exposure – the M4 doesn’t have a lightmeter – and I love it. I previously owned two Leica M6, but I sold them both. I loved the cameras, but at the time I thougt the way of shooting was too slow. I wanted the faster feedback, that digital cameras give you. But that was before my two posts about the trip to Paris. Now I see things differently. Perhaps I just got older – I don’t know…

Paris – Leica M6 and Zeiss 35/2,8

”Try and make more pictures instead of just taking pictures”. That was my conclusion from the other day. Up until now I have used my Leica and Fujifilm cameras for almost all photography. Sure – I have used my phone as well, but only when convinient. I know that the pictures from the phone is far from a picture taken with a real camera – but to be honest, most everyday pictures that I shoot just for remebering a moment, can just as well be shot with my phone. At least as long as you don’t want too zoom in the picture or print it really big.

Reading – Leica M240 and Voigtländer 50/1.1

I must point out that I don’t think that I must have an analogue camera to ”make pictures”. That is just a way for me to slow down. I will continue to use my digital cameras – but I will try and think more about what I shoot and how I do it…

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  1. SilverFox says:

    Wise words and lovely pictures, we are all sometimes in a hurry to capture and move on to the next image; taking time to MAKE pictures is good advice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think “slowing down” is great. So long as you don’t shoot sports or wildlife.


    1. Per says:

      Haha…yes, that would be catastrofic. When I shoot sports (my kids games…) my heart beats just as much as the players in some occasions. Slowing down is not an option there…😝



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