#61 What camera should I buy?

Visby – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

A question I get asked quite often is ”which camera should I buy [or bring], for my trip to…”. The question is almost always asked by persons who are not very much into photography, but they are old enough to think that they need a camera (my kids see no point in a camera – they use their phones…). My usual answer has been something like; ”It depends on how interested you are in photography, but I would go for a mirrorless camera with one lens. Most brands are really good, but the more money you put in, the experience of shooting will probably be better. Think about how much money you want to spend, and tell me. Then I will make a suggestion”. This was my old answer. I will get to my new answer in a minute.

Visby – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

The most common thing that happens after the person has bought the camera is this:

The camera gets used on rare occasions, vacations or trips.
The person has not learned to use the cameras functions more than the Auto setting.
The pictures sits on the memory card for more than a year
When the pictures finally leave the card, the person never again look at the pictures (or at least not more than once or twice)
The camera gets used less and less, and finally it stays home
The phone replaces the camera, but the person has a bad concience forever, for not using the camera

Visby – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

The other day I got the question again, but this time my answer was different. I have been thinking about this quite a bit, mostly for my own photography, but I find it can be applied on others as well. I think there are two basic questions that need to be answered. The question about how interested the person is in photography is not an issue. If the interest is there, it shows. Instead my approach to the ”what camera-question” now is; ”What are you going to use your pictures for?”. If the answer is; put on social media, show my friends at home or just to remember my trip, I would recommend the person not to buy a camera att all, and to shoot with their phone. Instead I would try and encourage them to use their pictures in a way that they can be seen. Make a print and hang on the wall. Order a photo book and show friends and family. Yes – a book can cost some money – but I promise this is much more rewarding, than buying a camera you wont use…

Visby – Leica M240 and Zeiss 35/2,8

The pictures in this post are from a trip to Visby, that I made with my father, in the end of October. Always beautiful…

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