#62 Meet my M4

Meet my ”new” camera – a 1968 Leica M4.

But – why, you may ask. Who buys a more than 50 years old overpriced analogue camera? No LCD screen, no live view, no video , no auto focus – not even a light meter.

 Well – I do. And I will try and explain why.

1968 was a year when history was made. A lot of tragedy was seen in the world this year. The Vietnam War was ongoing, Martin Luther King was shot, Czechoslovakia was invaded and Robert Kennedy was murdered – among other things. But not all things were bad. The Beatles announced Apple Records, Manchester United won the European Cup Final and the Norweigan Crown Prince Harald got married to his Sonja.

In December 1968, for the first time, man left earth to go to another heavenly body. Three american astronauts – Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders – went around the moon in Apollo 8. In Christmas eve they read from Genesis, to all the people back on ”the Good Earth” (I still shiver when I hear this…even though I was not even born…).

In this historic year my Leica M4 was manufactered by hand in Wetzlar, Germany. The camera in it self is a beauty. It is in perfect condition and looks almost unused. It is fully manual, which means that I must control everything by myself. It is demanding – just like the year 1968 – but it also gives me joy. Now it is mine to record my history to come.

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    1. Per says:

      Thanks 😊



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