#68 Colorful December

This year we spent Christmas on Tenerife, instead of the rainy and dark Sweden. Well some parts of Sweden are of course snowy and white, but not where we live. Instead we went to the warm and sunny Tenerife for a week. A colorful contrast to my last post.

Leica M240 and Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8

We spent the week mainly on the west coast of Tenerife, in the area around the small town Los Gigantes. Our hotel was situated high up in the hills above the town, with a fantastic view over the town, the ocean and Los Gigantos cliffs. The sunset was unique every night. Always beautiful – but this one was the best of them all.

Leica M240 and Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8

For the trip I took one camera and one lens; the M240 and the Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8. A great combination, as I have stated before on this blog. This was not mainly a photo trip – so a minimal, but good, equipment was needed. As a reserv I had my original Fujifilm X100 in the suitcase (never needed it).

Leica M240 and Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8

We made some ”Must-see-excursions” on the island. One was to drive up to Teide – the 3700 meters high volcano in the middle of the island. The nature is very different from other mountains I have been around…which is not that many, to be honest. I found one cool road that I wanted to shoot without any cars on – but that seemed to be impossible. There was always at least one car or a bicycle (!) in sight.

Leica M240 and Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8

We also went to the capital Santa Cruz and the nice beach ”Playa De Las Teresitas”, just north of the city. I tried out some Tenerifian Street Photo in Santa Cruz, but I could not really get in the mood. I find it hard to do Street Photography in tourist citys where nothing seems genuine.

Leica M240 and Zeiss Biogon 35/2,8

Well – we did have some great days at Tenerife. The weather was perfect and the food was good. Now we are charged with light, to cope with the dark Swedish winter again…

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  1. Bra val när det kommer till att fly decembermörkret 🙂

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