#69 A New Year

A new year and new opportunities is ahead of us. New Years Day is always a slow day at our home, when we just relax. I took my camera and went for a little ride, to shoot the first pictures of the coming year – and decade.

Leica M240 and Summicron 90/2

The signs of a new year being celebrated are still visible. Usually these boxes are used only once, but today they could do some more good by being in one of my shots. The light was quite nice in the late afternoon. The sun sets around 4 pm and if there are not too many clouds, the light can be nice for almost half an hour.

Leica M240 and Summicron 90/2

This year I will [try to] develop this site some more. I want to add a section about my gear – cameras, lenses, bags and more. I will focus on my feelings of using the things – not technical specs.

Leica M240 and Summicron 90/2

The other thing I want to add is a section about YouTube. There are some great photographer channels to watch and be inspired by. I will work on making this blog my “hub” about photography and share with those of you that are like me and love photography and nice gear.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg says:

    Happy new year, nice pictures and nice website redesign.


    1. Per says:

      The same to You, Greg, and thanks! How did that M2 work out for you?


      1. Greg says:

        M2 is a joy to use, Zeiss 35mm f2.8 is perfect, I’m using it also on my XPRO1 now… M240 is whispering at my ears 😉


      2. Per says:

        Haha…told you…😉


  2. riestiw says:

    Happy new year. Wonderful shots!

    Liked by 1 person


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