#70 Ugly yet beautiful


In 2016 I was in southern Italy on a weekend trip, with my wife and some friends. We lived in the small town of Pizzo – almost at the toe of the Italian “boot”. The small village is both very beautiful and in some parts quite ugly. The narrow paths between the houses are filled with interesting things to shoot.

This house can hardly be accused of being a beautiful house – but still in it’s simplicity and ruff style, I find it to be attractive enough to be in a picture…but I would think twice about moving in…

I used two Fujifilm cameras on this trip; the original X100 and the X-Pro2. Can you tell which pictures are from which camera? Both cameras performed extremely well. The X-Pro2 was the main workhorse and the X100 followed me in the evenings as we went out to eat. The colors of both cameras are beautiful, as always with Fujifilm cameras. I shot jpg-quality, as always. The cameras different film simulations are great and saves me a lot of post processing…and space.

I love the colors that the houses shine in during the days. Often the laundry hanging outside give extra colors to the frame. 

I would love to go back with my Leica and continue to catch the beautiful ugly Italy…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Photo A Day says:

    I spent time in Sicily this past summer. Shot with an x100f and two film cameras. The light in that part of the world is incredible. Love your shots.


    1. Per says:

      Thank you 😃. The next time, I will bring a film camera as well.



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