#72 Photography Channels on Youtube

Peter McKinnon – one of my top Youtube Favorites. All kind of Photography and Video content…and more.

Have you ever used Youtube to boost your photography? If not – this may be a start up for a new source of inspiration. Youtube is a fantastic thing. If you find your way, that is. The easiest way is of course to make your own search on the things that interest you. The problem is that there are ALOT of content. I have made a small collection (click here) of some of the Youtube channels that I often return to.

Sean Tucker – A great Photography-thinker and also a good Photographer.

Some channels have tutorials, some inspiration boosts, some gear reviews and some does it all. My list is just a few examples of what I think is good, high quality content. There are of course much more very good content. Just give these channels a chance if you never used Youtube for a photography-boost-purpose. You will find links to other channels, as you explore my links. Click here to get to my links – or in the menu above.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Robin Gray says:

    Hello Per, thank you for your list of favourite YouTube channels. I also follow some of them, and will check out the ones I am not familiar with. There are some others which I would like to suggest to you –

    1. Photography Online – a new channel which is based on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
    2. Matt Day.
    3. The M Photography.
    4. Analog Insights.
    5. Willem Verbeeck.

    I hope the some of the above will be interesting for you.

    Best wishes,

    Robin Gray.


    1. Per says:

      Robin, thanks for your suggestions! I follow Matt, M Photography and Analog Insights as well. Will check out the other two! 😃



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