#77 Fan Ho inspiration

One way to grow your photography is to look at how others do it (or did do). I am not an expert in the topic – far from it – but I have found some favorites lately. One of them is the Chinese photographer Fan Ho (1931-2016) – a master of lights and shadows. I would recommend you to search the internet and read about him and see his pictures. The pictures in this post is kind of inspired from the photography of Fan Ho.

What strikes me as I look at many of the photos by Fan Ho is that I can feel the strength of the light. I almost have to peer with my eyes as I look at them. That was the feeling I wanted to put in my pictures this time.

I shot these pictures in early morning and late afternoon, on my way to and from a work day in Stockholm. I can´t say that I reached the Fan ho quality – but it was fun to look for things that could show the feeling I had at the moment. To make the reflections a little more interesting, I tried to get the stars that a small aperture can give.

I chose to go black and white because I feel that it shows light and shadows much better – without the distraction of colors. This time I used my digital Leica, but this is a way of shooting that the analogue film is perfect. Next time I will shoot film…

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    1. Per says:

      Thank you 🙂



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