#78 Passing by Hässleholm


I have passed Hässleholm Central Station hundreds of times. It began back in the early 1990:s as I did my military service. The station is one of the busiest railway hubs in southern Sweden. The old station building has changed a little on the outside – but the inside is all new. However, the three crowns are still at the top of the wall.

The inside is not much to say about – it is the outside I like. I like the fact that the old building still is in use – it is beautiful! Just look at the doors and the roof above. Built for kings. If you look closely above the doors you can see the three crowns of Sweden here as well.

Before, the two doors led into the waiting hall – now they lead into a small shop where you can buy what you need for the trip. However – they still sound the same when the opens up, as they did, thirty tears ago…


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