#79 Discover a great photographer


Photo from a photo walk in Stockholm last week

These days of Corona, it is easy to feel like nothing is going our way. Besides from this, the Swedish winter where I live has been poor. It is hard to find inspiration to do what I love – to go out and make photos. A lot of the things we planned to do has been cancelled, due to the risk of the virus spreading. If that was not enough – a very good friend of mine had a stroke. Is there no light in the world today??

Photo from a photo walk in Stockholm last week

Well – of course there is. My friend is recovering and has been able to leave the hospital. That is really good news. The world is doing all it can about the virus, and hopefully we can slow it down if we all work together. My family is well and even the weather is nice today. Cold – but sunny. I will try and use the day to take out the old camera again, and shoot some pictures. I will try and find that photographer in me again. If I can´t find him today, I have another idea to get a shot of photography. This could work for you as well.

Photo from a photo walk in Stockholm last week

A while ago I found the story of an exceptional photographer; Vivian Meier. During her lifetime no one knew about her and her photos. Then in the late 2000:s, a storage room of hers was sold on an auction (the bills for the room had not been payed for a while…).  What the buyer found was a photographic treasure.

The book that can be ordered from Amazon

If you have trouble finding the photographer in you these days, and you are a fan of street photography – check out the story of Vivian Maier. I will provide some help to get started. Have fun…

A short clip that sums it up in three minutes

A trailer for the movie “Finding Vivian Maier”

The official Vivian Maier site


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