#82 I found a new setting

The Leica M240 is a camera full of not many settings, compared to most modern cameras. I was pretty sure I knew all possible settings in the camera – but yesterday I suddenly found a new one. I was playing around with the menue – for no reason – when I saw the setting ”film mode”. The sub settings are; vivid color, smooth color and black and white. I had never tried the smooth color setting – and when I did I was amazed.

The pictures from the smooth seeting are a little more contrasty. They remind me of the jpg pictures from the Leica M9. I liked the jpg:s from the M9 – they reminded me of film. A feeling I often try to create in the M240 pictures as well.

Finally some reality. The Corona virus is changing the world. Most things are cancelled (in Swedish; Inställt) now and the following weeks – maybe months. This is something that we photographers must document. It is not the last time we will see a virus – but it can be the last time we stand so unprepared. Let us get out stronger on the other side. Let’s document it so we don’t forget what it was like.


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