#85 We are going outdoors

In Sweden we are not locked down at the moment – like many parts of the world is. We are told to keep strict ”social distancing” and to work from home…and so on. If this is the right strategy or not, no one will know until after the pandemic. I personally believe that this is a good way to do it in Sweden – but it could be wrong in another country. I think we Swedes often are good to do as we are told – of course with exeptions. The warm weather last week led to crowded restaurants (outside) in some cities – which led to that the Prime Minister smacked us on the fingers the next day on live tv. And he had every right. How stupid can you get. Some people just don’t get it. They exist in Sweden as well.

Many people instead chose to get outdoors and welcome spring this year. We have alot of beautiful nature in Sweden where we can go for hikes. This is the perfect time to do this.

The pictures in this post is from Omberg by Lake Vättern. In another week the trees will be green. I love this time of year – even in these hard times. It is like a light in the tunnle.


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