#86 The Leica Summicron 2/90

The Leica Summicron 2/90 is probably one of the cheapest Leica lenses you can find. I found mine for just under  7000 Swedish Crowns – about 700 Euros/Dollars. Mine do however have some flaws – it can only be focused using an EVF. The ring that push the “rangefinder mechanism” in the camera (I don’t know the right word for it) is kind of broken. I have seen other lenses of the same kind for a couple of hundred more, so it was not only mine that was cheap (for a Leica lens).

The EVF makes the Leica M240 a mirrorless camera, like any other Fuji och Sony. Almost. It is considerably slower…but you can at least see the exposure and nail the focus, using focus peaking. In fact – a lot of people using 90 mm lenses on Leicas, prefer to use an EVF. The frame lines for the 90 mm lens are rather small. I, however, would prefer to use the rangefinder. Maybe I will try sell mine and get a better copy of the lens some day.

I like to use my lenses wide open and the Summicron 2/90 is no exception. I use a 3 stop ND filter to be able to use it in daytime. I love the rendering of the background in the out of focus areas (bokeh) that the lens give me. I think it has more soul than my two Zeiss lenses do.

The only thing I don’t really like about the lens it the fact that you have to turn the focus ring 180 degrees to get from eternity to the closest focus. It makes the focusing slower – but at the same time it might be necessary on this kind of short telephoto lens (?).  But then again – I like my Leicas for exactly that reason; they slow me down…

My copy of the lens is from the early 1980:s, but it is hard to believe. It is built like a tank – as all Leica lenses seem to be. Just the fact that it works perfect after 40 years (well in my case – almost perfect) is a proof of a great piece of engineering. I would not be surprised if I soon own a copy of the lens that can focus properly, so I can stop using the EVF. It is not the Leica way…


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