#90 Time Travel


Back in 1994 I drove around Europe on my bike – a Honda CBX 750. I was 22 and it was the first time I travelled by myself. Well almost by my self – I went with a very good friend. As I look at the pictures from that journey, I find that a lot of things has changed in the 26 years that has passed. And at the same time – not much has changed…

Some of the things we saw back then could just as well have been today. I think this picture from Amsterdam could just as well have been from yesterday. Speaking of pictures – I used my great Nikon F801 as I documented our journey.

It would have been nice to have the geotags that we can get today. Some of the places in my pictures, I could never find again if I tried. This is also a picture that could have been yesterday – but the old cars gives it away…

Cars – yes…this was not an unusual sight on the streets in Germany. This was just four years after the German reunion. We learned how the Trabi smelled as we drove behind it….

Another view that I wish I knew where it was. I think it was in the southern parts of France on our way to the Pyrenees. I shot around ten rolls of film on this trip – over a three week period. For me that was maaany pictures. Here is something that has changed. But still – I think ten rolls of film (about 300 pictures) are more than enough to remember a trip like this. Today I would probably have taken 3000 pictures…

Another thing that has changed. How often do we write postcards these days? Or is it only me…?

A picture of a younger version of me, as we got to Andorra. A fun trip – still one of my best adventures.


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