#92 And there were cows


The other day, we were driving around in Skåne – as far south you can get in Sweden. We were hungry for lunch, and drove to a famous golf club near the sea. The restaurant at the golf club was crowded (these days, it means that it is just over half full…). Well – we drove on, and suddenly we saw cows. The sky was dramatic, the wind was blowing as it always do by the sea in Skåne. I just had to stop and shoot some pictures. In the background, at the horizon, you can see Denmark and Copenhagen. What a view these cows have at the dinner table…

The willow is a typical tree, that is found along the roads in Skåne. They are often marked by the wind, and are leaning slightly.

The pictures were shot with my Leica M and a Zeiss 35/2.8


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