#95 Surprised by a city

Sometimes you get ”visually surprised” by a place. You may have built up your own picture of the place in your mind, and then you stick with it – until you visit the place. If you visit it. Maybe you never visit the place, just beacuse of the picture you created in your mind (if it is a negative picture – which probably was more common in the days of analogue photography [ha-ha]).

It can be a imagined picture of a french city, a country in Asia or the continent of Africa. But then again it could be a city just two hours away from home.

Then it happens. You visit the place and you notice that your picture was all wrong. That is of course not at all strange or unusual. It is not until you have been there, smelled the air and seen the views, that you can create a new picture in your mind.

That happened to me the other day – in a city called Eskilstuna, just a two hour motorcycle ride from home. Totally unexpected. A friend of mine was on a temporary assigment in the city, and I drove to visit him. Eskilstuna has always been a boring, ugly city in my mind – but proved to be wrong. I had been to the city before, but I obviously never really saw it.

First we walked around in the city, just talking and shooting some pictures. Then we waited until it was dark outside, and went back to some spots that we saw earlier. Some places are nice during the day – but can be even nicer in the dark, by the lights of the city.

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  1. Your post has me thinking that I want to walk around the nearby townships looking for previously unseen “gems”.


    1. Per says:

      Yes – these days, we must try and see the things we have around us everyday. Sometimes it is enough to just look up a little bit, to see new things. We tend to point our eyes the same way every time we pass the streets in our home towns…

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