#96 Film recipes for Fuji-X cameras

When you are used to having a simple camera with few options, you might be overwhelmed by the almost unlimited options a Fujifilm X-camers features. I have used Fujifilm cameras since 2012 and feel that I know the cameras pretty well. Still, since I started using the Leica M-cameras, I feel that the incredible amount of different functions in the Fujis can make me slightly confused.


I have often sticked with a few different film simulations, that I choose from. Typically Astia as a default setting, Velvia for nature and Acros for black and white. I have tried to use RAW – but I often find that the jpg options give me a good result. What the simulations has not given me is exactly the feeling I look for. I have often needed to tweak the picture a bit in Lightroom to get exactly what I want.

Kodak Porta

I also tried to create different Custom settings (Fuji-X cameras allows you to save seven different custom settings, where you can set things like film simulation, highlights, shadows, colors, white balance, grain, clarity and more), but I never found a combination of settings that I acutally used. Until now.

Kodak Porta

The other week I found Fujixweekly.com, which has a row of nice analogue film simulation recipes (that is – the settings you has to punch in to your camera to mimic an old analogue film, like Kodak Porta or Tri-X 400 and many more).

Kodak Porta

I found a couple of favourite film-look-alike custom settings – Porta, Kodachrome and Tri-X, as you can see in this post. I have not compared them to the real film – but I will try and do some tests later on. See for your self if you can get that old film like feeling, when you look at them. I recommend you to enlarge the pictures, to see it the best way.


You can argue that this can be made in the past processing and that it is better to shoot RAW. Well – then you are right. But I am right as well. As an amateur we have the right to choose what is right. At this moment of time I think this a fun and good way to go.

Note!! All the pictures in this post are directly from the camera. No post processing!!

Left – Astia Film simulation
Right – Kodak Porta Recipe

Also it is incredible what a modern camera can do. You can set your own personal look directly in the camera. It can be a way to use the advanced cameras of today in a simple way. If you have a Fuji X camera – try it out. Check out Fujiweekly.com and go to Film Recipes




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