#98 The Fujifilm X-Pro 1

The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – my second Fuji-X camera.

I bought it with the XF18/2 and XF35/1,4 back in 2013. It was – and is – a fantastic camera. All the pictures in this post were shot with it. I still think that the picture quality is great – seven years later.

Up until I bought the X-Pro 1 I always used to bring about 5 kilos of camera gear to our vacation trips. I had to have a heavy DSLR and three or four lenses, to cover all situations. But the X-Pro 1 changed me. From that moment I travelled light.

The X-Pro 1 was the first in the X-Pro family and had it´s flaws. It focused really slow – compared to the cameras of today – and compared to the DSLR:s of 2013. But – that did not bother me back then. Not until I tried to shoot sports…

The pictures in this post were taken on a trip to France in 2015. The X-Pro 1 was still my main camera, and it did the job really well. If you are looking for a cheap camera in 2020, and if you can accept that it is slow, it can be a bargain.

Back in 2015 both my children took photos with cameras. That was great fun…but that was then. Now it is all about mobile phones.

Check out how he holds the camera. Like a Pro. He even made a photo book almost all by him self when we got back :-). Too bad we bought him an Iphone…

An interesting factor is that my main camera today is the Leica M240. It was released in 2012 – the same year as the X-Pro 1. The X-Pro 1 has been outdated partly because it is too slow, and I sold it years ago. The Leica M240 does not even have autofocus. Still this is a camera I believe that I will keep forever…

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  1. 35mm Film Shootist says:

    Your shot of the courtyard with the dog taken in Bayeux, France. I did the same image but with film.

    Nice images.


    1. Per says:

      Wow 😃. What are the odds?? First of you taking that shot, and then seeing my post. Fantastic!! I liked your version better – film is alive…

      Liked by 1 person


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