#102 The Elmar 2,8/50

Today I took this nice Leica-duo for a walk in the sun – the Leica M240 and a Leica Elmar 2,8/50. The Elmar is one of the more affordable Leica lenses – if there is such a thing. It is my only Leica mede lens at the moment – the other two are Zeiss made. The lens is ”collapsable” – which means that it can be really compact, when it is collapsed. The important thing is that you remember to extend it when you are going to take a picture. Check out the difference in the picture above.

The lens is not Leicas sharpest – that would be strange. Still it is a fun lens and it gives me nice looking images, all the way from 2,8. I find the ”bokeh” in the background to be a little bit more interesting than my Zeiss Planar 2/50 – but the Planar is sharper.

When stopped down to 5,6 I find the sharpness to be really good. The contrast is really good as well.

The first thing I notised when I got the lens, was how heavy it was. It is so small – but it is my heaviest lens for the M-system. As with all Leica parts – built like a tank…

I mostly use the lens on my silver M4, but now and then I mount it on the M240. Sometimes I regret that I bought the silver version. I think it looks kind of stupid to have a silver lens on a black camera. A black lens on a silver camera is more ok. But who really cares…


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