#103 A morning outdoors

This morning I woke up early and set out to shoot some pictures on the countryside nearby. I made some coffee and a sandwich and packed in my bag, along with my Fujifilm X-T2 and Leica M. I had hoped for a cold morning when the mist is hanging low over the fields as the sun rise…but no. This morning was cloudy and windy – but now I was up and on my way out.

I drove to a small lake, about half an hour away, where I took some pictures of sleeping swans. Well one or two was awake along with me. The temp was around 5 degrees Celsius and the wind was cold. Luckliy I had warm gloves and a hat in my bag as well. The first time I used them this autumn, in fact.

I drove through this beautiful parkway, where I just had to stop and shoot. The trees are still mostly green. In a week I suppose the parkway has a totally different look. Later I found cows. I like taking pictures of cows. Don´t know why.

The X-T2 on the tripod in the early morning. A cup of hot coffee and a sandwich. A great start on a day in the middle of October.