# 105 What to do on a sunday?

Sunday. The Corona Virus is again shutting down parts of the society in Sweden. The area where I live is one of the parts that now has a rising amount of infected. Those who can should work from home and we must stay out of stores, librarys and other public places.

What can you take photos of in times like this? I took a walk in the village where I live, in the evening. The sun had already set and it was starting to get dark. It had been a day of light drizzle, but as I got outside it had stopped.

Our village is a typical small Swedish village. Nothing special. Just a good place to live. There was not many people outside – but that is how it usually is.

The southbound train left on time. Not many people on the train. People try to stay at home.

Time to make som tea, and watch the news. The world is about to hold its breath again. Who will win the elections in the United States? Soon we will know…


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