#107 An M4 and a roll of T-Max 100


Back in June things started to go back to normal again. Covid-19 suddenly did not feel like that much of a threat anymore. As the summer got closer – Corona went further away. We started to get reckless – and now it has finally caught up with us.

I went out i Linköping, with my Leica M4 and the Elmar 2,8/50, on a sunny day. I usually find hard sun and a B&W film to be a bad combination, due to the fact that I often use TRI-X 400 in my camera (if I shoot B&W). This particular day I had a T-MAX 100 loaded, so I took it out.

Shooting in hard light like this can be tricky. The result can be very different depending of which parts you choose to make your exposure in. This day I tried to expose in the highlights, so I didn’t loose details there. But I almost find film to be a little easier to shoot with in these situations. I feel that it gives me more dynamic range, compared to my digital cameras.

Take this picture as an example. There is quite a lot of detail in the shadows, even if I exposed for the highlights. In fact – it is easier to save the highlights, compared to the lowlights, when you shoot film. I experience the opposite when I shoot digital. That is also what I find that other photographers say – so this is not a sensational conclusion. I just haven’t given it that much thought before…

I love to shoot my digital cameras – I really do. But I must say that I often find my self liking the analogue pictures in a higher degree. I can shoot 600 digital pictures on a trip to – for example – Paris. On the same journey I shoot 50 with a film camera. When I look back at the trip I get the strongest feelings from the 50 analogue pictures. The 600 digital pictures are almost all perfect in focus, have great color and has no grain or dust particles. But still I love the grainy, sometimes blurry and slightly out of focus film pics. Strange. Or not.

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  1. Tony says:

    Intressant med lite tankar om film kontra digitala bilder.

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    1. Per says:

      Ja…film har ju blivit ganska poppis numera – även i den generationen som inte växt upp med den. Personligen har jag återvänt till film och faktiskt upptäckt mycket som jag aldrig tänkte på när det begav sig…

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