# 108 Back to Ireland

In 2005 I made my first – and so far only – trip to Ireland. It was a short trip, filled with new impressions and – of course – photography. My camera of choice back then was a Fujifilm S2 Pro – a 6MP digital SLR, based on a Nikon body. Little did I know that I would go all in on Fujifilm X-cameras later on…

Ireland showed us every kind of weather you can think of. All in one day. Most of the time the skies were gray and a slight drizzle was in the air, but now and the the sun was shining down at us. We rented a little car – my first time driving on the wrong (?) side of the road. Strangely the hardest part was remembering were the seat belt was, as I entered the car…

We had some different cameras in our bags, on the journey. As I looked at pictures for this post I called my father and asked if the pictures from the RB67 were any good. He had to think and then came to the conclusion that he probably never developed the film. Perhaps it is still in the camera…? This was around the time when all photography went digital. Nobody was shooting film anymore. Too bad I did’t buy a Hasselblad or a Leica M6 back then. From what I remember, the prices on these cameras were really low back then.

We drove around the Shannon – Limerick area for a couple of days. Of course we had to see the “Cliffs of Moher”. Really impressive – sadly the weather was not perfect for photography.

The small villages we passed through were really different from what we was (are) used to in Sweden. Compared to Sweden these villages looks like something from a fairytale. Very photogenic.

We had expected a green island and a lot of sheep. It was green, alright – but could almost not find any sheep. Perhaps we looked in the wrong areas. We did find horses and cows. And castles.

I liked Ireland. Perhaps I will come back someday, when we can travel again…

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