#109 The unexpected is often what you remember

One morning we woke up and decided to just take the car, drive north and take a small road up in the mountains (hills). No plan. No internet. No map. Just drive and see where we ended up.

The road was carved in the slopes and took us through a fantastic landscape. The views were breathtaking.

Now and then we passed small villages that seemd to be glued to the slopes. People were living their lives here. We were just seeing it for the first time.

The roads took us up, around and down again. The car was a rental with about 40 horsepowers. We were sure it would give up in the steep hills – but it kept going.

Finally we were at the top. We found ourselves in a beautiful small village. In front of us was a small restaurant – just waiting for us. The view was out of this world. Totally unexpected. We will remember it for ever.

Pictures shot with a Leica M9 and Zeiss lenses.

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  1. Robin Gray says:

    Lovely photos Per, and nice words to accompany them.


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