#110 A short stop on the way home


In the middle of September I was on my way home from a job assignment in Växjö, in the heart of Småland (in the southern parts of Sweden). The weather was great and I felt like having a break.

I found this old Mill Town called Klavreström where I stopped the car. Beside me on the passenger seat was my Leica M4 and a roll of Kodak Porta 400.

The old Ironwork was founded in 1736 and was active until I was borned in the 1970:s – a coulple of years after my Leica M4 was manufactered.

The Porta 400 is a great film. I have made minor adjustments to the pictures after I scanned them. I must try out the Porta 160 when the light returns to Sweden. Would be interesting to compare to the 400.

The buildings were beautiful – but sadly they seem to have seen their best days. Still – a really nice place to take short photo break at…