#126 Inspiration by Milnor

There are a-lot of content about photography out there on the internet. I love it when I find good channels on Youtube with people that have a genuin and passionate approach to their way of doing photography. I love it even more when the channel can stay exactly that genuin and passionate over time. I have seen many channels that start out in a way that you almost just can’t stand it until the next episode is uploaded. The channel grows and grows and suddenly it has become something completely differente. Instead of being genuine and passionate it is suddenly all about product placement and growing even more. Well – I have some favorites that still catches my attention in that way that I love. One of them is Daniel Milnor.

Daniel Milnor – or Shifter as he calls him self – is a former professional photographer that is now working for Blurb books as a ”Creative Evangelist”. Daniel and I are about the same age – so we both started photography back in the film days. He talks much about photography in ways that I like to take pictures. Or at least how i WOULD like to take pictures. Daniel speaks highly about long term projects. About the pictures in it self and how to really MAKE pictures. He shoots digital with Fujifilm cameras – but is an analogue photographer by heart, using Leica and Hasselblads. The brand doesn’t really matter – it is a box that catch light. He has projects like shooting easter traditions in Sicily or dogs in citys all over the world – all over a long period of time. He has inspired me to find projects for my photography – but my imagination is not that good…or perhaps I am not brave enough. My projects are often like ”My Kids sports” or ”Nature Reserves…”. Not what I would call a deeper mening or purpose.

Milnor is a [former] professional out in his finger tips – as far as I can tell. He has the knowledge, the patience and the skill to do his thing. He do not consider himself as a technical genius when talking about todays cameras and computers – but he is what I would call something of an expert in analogue photography technique. His present “undertaking” in photography is to inspire people in different ways. Me – I am a wannabe photographer – but a professional i my own line of work – a totally different world. To be and act as a professional photographer is something that takes time. Time that most of us can’t put in because we have another reality as our daytime work. But it is great to be able to listen to those who are – or was – pros. Then we wannabes can try out the professional world at least for a short amount of time. Something that fits me fine. Hopefully I can grow a little more now and then.

You can find Milnor on his own Youtube channel ”Daniel Milnor” or homepage Shifter.media

Also checkout the AG23 project – one of Milnors recent projects, featuring many fantastic photographers.


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