#127 The point of a story

When we look at pictures we form our own opinions or feelings of the motive. There are some photographers that take pictures that can stand for them selves and tell a story without words. That is not the case for all of us – and certainly not in my case. Take these three pictures. Three motives of a cold Sweden. What is the story behind that, you may ask. Isn’t Sweden always like that, up there in the north?? Well – no…

The thing is that where I live in Sweden, having [what we call] a real winter has become rather unusual. The climate changes seems to have made the winters considerably shorter and warmer in all of Scandinavia. Here in the southern parts it has ment that we sometimes get no snow at all, that stay for more than a few days. That’s is what the story is about in this case. The snow is here and it is really cold – and I love it. Even though I understand that the climate is still going in the wrong direction – I still feel good that we can have a cold winter in our parts of the country. It gives hope.

What I am trying to say here is that none of these pictures had told that story without my words below them. Sure they may have been fairly nice to look at – but just for a quick glance and then nothing more. But they could have been taken a thousand kilometers more north in Sweden – and then they would not have been so special.


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