#128 The film feeling

It is always fun when a film arrives in the mailbox. The other day I got back two films – one Kodak Tri-X and one Kodak Ektar.

I used to develop both film and pictures by my self back in the days of film. It was something special to see the picture develop in the red light of the dark room. Then again it was very time consuming, and time is a precious thing.

When I started using film again a couple of years ago I developed the first 10 or 15 rolls at home, but then I started sending them away for developing to save time. I scan the pictures as they arrive in the mailbox. Not exactly the ”dark room feeling”, but close enough.

The pictures in this post are shot with my Leica M4 with a Summicron 2/35 loaded with a Kodak Tri-X 400. Classic! 🙂


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