#138 The Hills of Brösarp

The Hills of Brösarp are situated in the most southern part of the most southern county in Sweden; Skåne. The hills are famous in Sweden from several movies and paintings – but more important; they are a really beautiful place to visit.

We spent a weekend in Skåne, hiking with some old friends. The weather was fantastic – but still a little cold in the wind. Spring is here, but the trees are still not green. However, give it a week and we will have an explosion of green color.

The Hills of Brösarp are a part of a Nature Reserve called Verkeån. We made a 10 kilometers long hike in the fantastic reserve. I tried out a small old Leica lens, that I bought the other day. A 90mm Leica Elmar 2,8 manufactured in Canada in 1979. The lens is small and perfect to have in the pocket on hikes like this. Even more perfect when put on the camera now and then. On a digital Leica it can give a lot of purple fringing, but it is still usable. I will try it out on an analogue M4 and see how it performs. All the pictures in this post (except the last one) were shot using this old lens on an M-D 262.

Verkeån Nature Reserve is not only consisting of green hills – a big part is beautiful forest. The hike trails are great and well marked with different colors.

I love it when the sun reflects in the water like this. Accompanied by the pouring sound of the water, it really gives the full picture of a summer day…