#141 Lack of motivation

Sometimes it is hard to find motivation. I have suffered from loss of motivation for my photography for a while now. I have used my camera – but the result just doesn’t seem to make me excited. They are just boring pictures. I have carried my camera around several beautiful places the last few weeks – but I can’t get int the right mode. Perhaps it is due to lack of training? The pandemic has ment more staying at home and less shooting.

A nice red MG at Järnavik

When I think about it it becomes quite clear. Why should shooting pictures be any different from – for example – playing golf. I have played a lot of golf this year – and I have become [a little] better. Why should photography be different? The ansewer is of course that it requires training – just like everything else.

The archipelago in Blekinge

I hope the summer vacation can bring back some inspiration in to my photography again. There will of course not be so much travelling to new places this summer – I think it is to early to travel abroad as it is now. But I hope to rediscover places back home. I have some ideas…

Just nearby our home…

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  1. I can relate to the low motivation with photography. My enthusiam has varied a lot over the years. I have found that I’m better off avoiding judgment of my pictures when my motivation is low. Just keep shooting. The spark will return.

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    1. Per says:

      That’s a good advice :-). Thanks…

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  2. To renew your excitement, change your thought pattern. Think-let me take photos while I am able to. (Another round of shutdown will definitely limit your outings and then you can’t use your camera like you can now.) Do what you can while you can…

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    1. Per says:

      You are so right 😊…

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  3. NigelH says:

    This is me also. I’ve had a film in one of my cameras for ages now and still unable to finish it off. I can’t even seem to get two newish cameras out to test them properly. My neighborhood doesn’t really inspire me at the moment and getting further afield to take the sort of photos I like to take is a struggle.
    I hope you find you mojo again.


    1. Per says:

      Same to you. I will try this approach; ”take photos of what I see” instead of ”wating to see something to take a photo of”. Perhaps just trying to enjoy the process of taking pictures can bring the inspiration back…

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