#145 Canvas Icons


Every now and then I visit Cathedrals in the cities I pass by. I am not a religious person, but there is almost always something to shoot or discover in a Cathedral. On my last visit to the Cathedral of Linköping I ”found” some beautiful ”canvas icons”.

The ”canvas icons” are part of an exibition made by the Swedish Priest [and artist/painter] Mats Hermansson. He has created the icon-like paintings on used canvas, that he got from a closed Swedish regiment. The paintings seem to glow in the otherwise dimmed light in the Cathedral.

Many of the paintings are of hands in different poses. Others have religious motives – and some are just motives from life. The blue eyes of Greta Thunberg looked at me from one canvas.

The old lady with a bag was my favourite. Check out more of the ”canvas icons” on the artists home page; http://www.presenningsikon.se