#153 I am keeping my M4

I have a kind of love and hate relationship with analogue photography. I constantly find myself going between thinking of selling my Leica M4 and feeling a sense of relieve as I use it. I have sold two Leica M6:s after decisions that were made to fast. The one I regret selling the most was the M6TTL with 0,58 magnification. It was perfect for me, since I use glasses. Some say that it is harder to focus with it beacuse of the wider rangefinder – but I had no problem with that at all. I could see the whole frame as I used the 35mm lens. Something that is impossible as I shoot with my M240 or M4. Now the prices are up so much for the 0,58 M6 that I find them too expensive. I should have kept it. But who could imagine that prices would double for a film camera from 1990 in a just three years (2018 to 2021)?

Anyway…every now and then I look at my M4 at the shelf. It is just standing there unused. Just looking pretty. In my mind I see other things I can buy if I sell it. Perhaps a new lens [which I don’t need] or a Fuji X100 [that I have had six before and sold five]. But now – finally at age 49 – I have understood that I will always regret when I sell a film-Leica.

I had this idea that a digital Leica without a screen would be the perfect camera for me, but if you have read my earlier posts, that was not the case. I now know that analogue is analogue and digital is digital. There can be no one camera to rule them all.


  1. Hang on to your M4, Leica film rangefinders here in the UK I’m finding are get harder to find on the used market and prices have skyrocketed in the last few years.

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  2. Robin Gray says:

    Hello Per, a really interesting piece. I sold my M6 in June, but have kept my M2, which I find much more enjoyable to use, and will never sell it as it was made in the month I was born! Your b+W photos are excellent 👌

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