#156 Back in the north

I have spent the last few days in the northern parts of Sweden. The first time for me since before the pandemic started. My camera was of course with me on the trip. The picture above is from Luleå. The last sun of the day. Perfect for making shillouetts. This time of year the sun sets just after four in the afternoon.

It had been snowing for a couple of days as I got there. At the coast the snow had almost melted again – but as I drove inland it was more winter. My Leica M-P240 and two Summicrons (35 and 50) were my companions on this trip. I chose to shoot black and white ”in camera-jpgs” this time.

A picture from the small village Vidsel, about 100 km inland. An unusual sight – but something that have been a big part of the small villages history. Many of the apartments in the houses now look empty. Sad.

The cross of the small church in Vidsel. It is in fact not on the church, but on a belfry just next to the church. The design is kind of odd for a Swedish church.

Back in Luleå again. Three large Icebreakers are waiting for the ice to settle. It won’t be long…