#157 Train ride in the dark


I usually fly as I go to Luleå, but this time I took the night train. From where I live it was a 16 hour trip – instead of about 5 hours if I went by air. I have to go by train to the airport as well – the flight in it self is only about one and a half hour. Still eleven hours in difference…

I had the good fortune of having my own compartment with a nice bed and a private toilet. This ment that I did get a decent sleep during the night. The ticket also included breakfast. Eleven hours minus eight hours sleep and breakfast means that it differ about two hours from taking the route via the air.

But then I have to be honest; if I had taken the flight instead I would have been sleeping in my own bed for two nights instead of on a train. That is of course much more convinient – but then again I suppose the train is better for the environment…

Now – in reality the train was of course delayed. The return trip was more than four hours delayed in total. I used the time to read, watch some youtube clips and thake pictures of the passing landscape outside my small window. Will I take the train again next time? Well I don’t know yet. I have to sleep on it. In my own bed…

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