#162 Just for fun

I love taking pictures for no special purpose, other than for fun. No need to feel any pressure for getting a perfect picture or not getting a picture at all. Still every now and then I find my self thinking about why I should take a picture of a scene. Thoughts like; “I have taken this shot hundreds of times” or ” who cares about this picture” flash in my mind. This can last for days, weeks and sometimes months. The inspiration is gone, but I can still feel the love for photography as I hold my camera. I just can’t find anything to shoot.

The pictures in this post were taken as I walked to an appointment in Stockholm a couple of months ago. I had a T-Max 100 loaded in my camera and the light was good. I had the right mindset and just took pictures of things I felt like shooting. I tried to find interesting compositions and practiced judging the settings manually (I used my M4 without a light meter). No more purpose. Just for the fun of it.

I often go back to analogue film as I get these dips in my inspiration. Somehow I feel that an analogue picture can stand much more on its own. Probably not true, but that doesn’t matter as long as it gets me back on track.

Another fact is that I must be in a special mode to actually see what I am looking at, if I am going to take pictures. I must look for things that interest me or things that wakes my curiosity. I can’t just take pictures of random things. There must be something more.

A good thing about the winter in the south of Sweden is that the weather often is bad. Well…that may seem like strange fact – but it is good for black and white photography with a good old Kodak Tri-X in the camera. The moody skies means a smoother light and not so much contrast between light and dark. That is at least how I prefer to shoot black and white.

In fact – writing this makes me want to grab my camera and go outside. The weather really is rather bad today. It is time to go and have some fun…