#163 Winter photos from Vadstena

A night with constant snowfall in our part Sweden. There was lot of snow to move before we could get our car out of the garage. Drove for about half an hour to the small town of Vadstena. In my bag I had packed my digital M and my three lenses.

Started off with some breakfast on a local café. The whole town was still dressed in christmas decorations. I suppose it is the last days before they are put away. Still Vadstena is always beautiful. The town is more than 600 years old and is well documented in the Swedish history books. It is also well documented in my photo archive. One of my favourit places near home.

This morning presented some dramatic skies above lake Vättern. The small harbour was not over crowded today. In fact it will be at least three or four months until this ship gets some company.

The old cathedral (15:th century) almost looked like it was taken from ”Game of Thrones” today. I used the 90mm Summicron for all the shots above. I haven’t used that lens as much as I thought when I bought it. It is not the typical Leica M lens, due to the fact that the frame lines are quite small in the finder. Never the less it is a nice lens and can be good to have when travelling with a Leica M as only camera. At the same time I dislike having too many lenses with me. Three is almost one too many. I think I will try to only carry the 35mm and the 90mm for my next trips with the M. I have a 50mm as well, but I find myself changing lenses much too often if I carry all three. The 50 can stay on the M4 instead…

Today I changed to the 35 when I shot the entrance to the Castle of Vadstena. It was a too tight crop with the 90. I wanted to get the nice snowy path up to the entrance in the foreground.