#164 Not going professional

There are a great deal of photographers on the internet, making videos and other nice content about photography. A usual topic is how to make money on your photography or become a professional photographer. Wouldn’t that be a dream? Make a living on photography.

I have never taken the step to try and become a professional – I am honestly not up for it. I belive that the amount of work I would have to put in to it isn’t worth it. I would not get to decide what to shoot or when to do it. I would work day and night – and probably weekends to. I feel that this would be a good way to kill the joy in photography. No – I will keep this a hobby. I want to be able to feel free and relaxed as I take the camera in my hand. Not only that. I don’t think I am good enough either. There are so many much more talanted photographers out there…

I have tried to make money on my photographry several times. I had my best deals almost twenty years ago. Back then I could sell one picture and get a good profit of it. As the stock picture market started to expand I earned a little money on that as well. But as the years have gone by – I earn less and less on stock photography. It is not worth the effort.

But sometimes an occational assignment can be fun. I don’t do it for money – just the fun of planning ang making the shoot can be a motivation.

Why not make your own assignments as well? It is interesting how easy it is to become ”the photographer of the trip” as one goes on holiday with friends and family. Everyone shoots pictures with their phones all the time – but not one makes a lasting memory of them. The pictures in this post are from our latest skiing adventure. They will probably end up in a photobook or magazine that I will make in one or two copys.